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Generating local renewable energy

Chimney Meadows

Credit: Shifford Weir / YouTube Chimney Meadows WEG

About Upper Thames Hydro

The goal of the project is to work step by step towards constructing community funded hydropower plants where feasible on the Upper Thames.

There is a rapidly growing market for clean energy. Hydropower has significant initial costs, low operating costs and is complementary to solar energy with maximum energy production in the winter months.

Our goals are that investors will receive a reasonable return on their investment and that the majority of the gains from the project will be invested into community projects.

In 2022, Charlie Maynard commissioned Renewables First to explore the hydropower potential on all the weirs on the Upper Thames. David Jeffcoat joined in mid-2022.

Charlie and David are now looking for colleagues as they need help to take this project forward. If you are interested, please complete the form below.

Sandford Hydro

Credit: Sandford Hydro / Steve Daniels 

Shifford weir

Shifford Weir

Reports & Presentations

Upper Thames Weirs Hydro Screening Study, Renewables First, July 2022

A review of the potential for hydro-electric generation on all nine Upper Thames weirs, focussing on four sites – Shifford, Rushey, Radcot and Buscot weirs

Presentation to Witney Eco-Forum, Upper Thames Hydro, February 2023

Project summary

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David Jeffcoat

Charlie Maynard

David Jeffcoat & Charlie Maynard at Shifford Lock